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Content Management Systems are gaining popularity in Singapore as they give businesses the freedom to manage their respective websites themselves. Not only does this allow them to have more control over their content, it also cuts down on any additional costs that they would otherwise incur if they pass on the job to their web development agency.

At Data Hive Solutions, we provide professional CMS web design services so companies can be in-charge of their own websites. With years of experience working with local and international companies in various industries, our team of highly skilled in-house web developers work closely with clients to build content management systems to meet each client’s specific needs.

Why Use CMS?

CMSs have several advantages over conventional html websites or custom php websites, including the following:

CMS web design templates make the pages look and feel consistent. This helps in building brand image and recognition. The design is also separate from the content; thus, changes can be made on either one without affecting the other.
The company can make updates as needed without having to outsource the job or to contact the webmaster, and they can train non-technical staff to do it. This saves time, effort, and financial resources.
The workflow is streamlined, making the process of submitting, reviewing, and publishing content smoother. Permissions can be assigned to multiple users depending on their jobs. For instance, writers may be given permission to submit stories but not to publish, while copywriters might publish but not edit published content.
It easier to manage content, which can be archived and stored for easy reference. The admin page provides information on changes made to a page and the system keeps a copy of a previous version.
Tracking data is made simpler. Depending on what reports it is programmed to generate, a CMS can provide information like the number of views per page, likes on Facebook, shares, and so on.
There are many more advantages to using CMS over a conventional html website. It has better security options, notifications system (such as when an editor returns an article to the writer for changes), is mobile responsive and can be accessed remotely. MediaPlus Digital can integrate these and customize other features in a client’s CMS.

Why Use WordPress CMS?

Data Hive Solutions specializes in WordPress web development, including CMS. The platform is trusted by website owners across the globe because aside from being easy to manage, it is also flexible enough to handle different needs. Since it is open source, there are numerous plugins and extensions available. It is easy to customize, robust framework and is search engine optimization friendly, which can help in boosting the site in search engine results pages.

With our expertise in WordPress web design and development, companies can make full use of WordPress’s versatility. Our web development team designs the CMS to not only be attractive to potential customers and visible to search engines but also to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and functional. While users get to see the front end interface, the web administrator can maintain the system behind the scenes without much difficulty.

By opting for a WordPress CMS, a company can minimize the use of resources like money, time, and manpower for website management and focus on other important matters. With a streamlined process, productivity and efficiency can be increased, which in turn, can boost the performance of the business.

What Data Hive Solutions Can Do for You
Each project we undertake is customized and unique, structured specifically to suit each client’s business. Our team at Data Hive Solutions is equipped with the latest web development updates and tools to provide effective and relevant web development services.

We do our best to make each client’s business stand out amidst of the competition online. We develop websites that focus on creating an exceptional user experience, enhancing the targeted customers’ perception of the offered products and services. More importantly, we focus on the clients’ objectives and what they need to make their online business a success. We develop websites that ensure that owners get the best returns through the investments.

We make sure that each client is supported by a dedicated project manager who provides regular updates so they can get a feel of how the CMS web development is steadily growing. Our attention to detail at every stage of the project sets us apart from other web development companies in Singapore.

Our web development services include:

  • E-commerce
  • Content Management Systems (Open Source / Custom Code)
  • Portals & Directories
  • Customized Forum
  • Website Maintenance
  • HTML Websites, Microsite, Landing Pages
    Whether you are looking to build a new website from scratch or you have an existing website already up and running but need extra functionality, Data Hive Solutions definitely has the resources to help you achieve your business’s online potential. Let us combine creativity, great design and professional website development to create the perfect website for you that will take your business forward.

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