IT Security & Compliance

IT Security and Compliance are crucial areas of business IT that demand vigilance and constant management. Every day, security threats to your business are becoming more complex, sophisticated and difficult to detect. If you consider the hyper-connected way many organisations need to operate, your business’ IT security has never been so vital, yet so much of a target for those who participate in cybercrime. Your organisation needs a robust, yet flexible, managed IT security policy that safeguards your systems and data, complies with increasingly comprehensive legislation, and allows employees the freedom to work collaboratively from any location on any device.

Robust business IT security in the 21st century requires a widespread, holistic approach – and this is exactly what Nouveau delivers. We look at your IT security landscape as a whole, and your own methods of working, before giving you choices. We work with you to optimise user accessibility and network speed with a robust security policy that keeps you safe, is compliant with current legislation and best practice, and evolves with changing security threats. We are experts in IT security and have been a Fortinet Platinum level provider for many years. Amongst our team of security professionals we hold a host of Fortinet accreditations NSE 4, 5, 6, 7 and the much sought after NSE 8 and Cisco CCNA and CCNP.

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